C50 is separate from the many "secular" mental health organizations because we put Christ at the center of mental health. C50 is separate from some other Christian mental health ministries because we still believe that medication and or therapy may be needed while still keeping Christ in the center of recovery. 
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Title: Nine Things You Simply Must Do To Succeed in Life and Love

Author: Henry Cloud

Description: Many years of counseling have enabled Dr. Henry Cloud to observe people trying to work out the most important issues of life: relationships, career, fulfillment, meaning, pain, hurt, loss, despair, and addictions. If we sincerely want to "get life right" and quit repeating the same mistakes over and over again, 9 Things You Simply Must Do provides the practical guidance we need to live life to its fullest . . . every moment.

Title: Love Is A Choice

Authors: Dr. Robert Hemfelt, Dr. Paul Meier and Dr. Frank Minirth

Description: These bestselling doctors walk you through their ten proven stages to recovery from codependency that results from external circumstances. Humans are susceptible to codependency because of our sinful tendency to use defense mechanisms to fool ourselves. In codependent relationships, deceitful games are played, and important Christian principles are often taken out of context and abused. God wants us to have healthy relationships with a balance between being dependent and independent. The doctors describe how the most effective means of overcoming codependent relationships is to establish or deepen a relationship with Christ Himself. They describe the causes of codependency, pointing out the factors that perpetuate it, and lead readers through their ten stages of recovery.


I recommend this Bible all the time to people that are struggling. They may be like myself who are diagnosed with an illness or are those who have been hurt. Either way, this Bible points to redemption in a special way as it is written in a way that keeps the truth of The Word but may be a little easier to read with a modern-day translation.
One thing we personally like about this Bible is that if you have grown up in the church or reading God's word from one translation, the same verses seem to be new as they read in a different way.
May I suggest getting this Bible, writing all over it, highlight it, color in it, take it everywhere, throw it in a backpack, and at the same time, hold it with deep love.
May I also suggest starting with Psalm 1 and reading through the Psalms with the lens of God as a savior, help, and redeemer to a hurting spirit.  


Title: Christian Codependence Recovery Workbook

Author: Stephanie Tucker

Description: The Christian Codependence Recovery Workbookplaces you on a journey of awareness, understanding, application and genuine recovery from the destructive emotions and behaviors of codependence. It also challenges you to engage in new relationship and love styles based on God's truth and guiding principles. You will: Understand codependence from a biblical perspective. Learn defining core issues associated with codependent tendencies. Embrace application points to overcome root issues and emotional strongholds. Find genuine freedom in God's purpose and identity for your life. Apply God's healing principles in relationship issues

Title: Christian Families In Recovery

Authors: Robert Tucker and Stephanie Tucker

Description: When addiction hits a family, it’s damage can be severe. Just as a hurricane-force storm devastates a physical home, the “storm” of addiction can bring destruction to everyone involved. Christian Families in Recovery will help you take a deeper look at the nature of addiction and recovery from a Christ-centered perspective. By learning the tools of intervention, you can love the addict, but establish an environment that will not support the addiction. Not only that, the heart of God seeks to reconcile and restore, even if only one member participates in recovery. Gaining this perspective can inject hope rather than despair. If the addict is entering recovery, you can develop a step-by-step family recovery plan that will affirm and respect the needs of all members. Someone else’s addiction doesn’t have to control you. Instead, you can learn to live in the empowerment of God’s method of redemption so you can help the addict and yourself.


Title: Boundaries

Author: Henry Cloud

Description: Does your life feel like it's out of control? Perhaps you feel like you have to say yes to everyone's requests. Maybe you find yourself readily taking responsibility for others' feelings and problems. Or perhaps you focus so much on being loving and unselfish that you've forgotten your own limits and limitations. Or maybe it's all of the above.

In the New York Times bestseller, Boundaries, Drs. Henry Cloud and John Townsend help you learn when to say yes and know how to say no in order to take control of your life and set healthy, biblical boundaries with your spouse, children, friends, parents, co-workers, and even yourself.


Title: The Emotionally Healthy Woman 

Author: Gerri Scazzero

Description:Geri Scazzero knew there was something desperately wrong with her life. She felt like a single parent raising her four young daughters alone. She finally told her husband, “I quit,” and left the thriving church he pastored, beginning a journey that transformed her and her marriage for the better.

In The Emotionally Healthy Woman, Geri provides you a way out of an inauthentic, superficial spirituality to genuine freedom in Christ. This book is for every woman who thinks, “I can’t keep pretending everything is fine!”

The journey to emotional health begins by quitting. Geri quit being afraid of what others think. She quit lying. She quit denying her anger and sadness. She quit living someone else’s life. When you quit those things that are damaging to your soul or the souls of others, you are freed up to choose other ways of being and relating that are rooted in love and lead to life.

When you quit for the right reasons, at the right time, and in the right way, you’re on the path not only to emotional health, but also to the true purpose of your life.


Title: Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

Author: Peter Scazzero

Description: One percent of church leaders say that they are doing well in discipling new and young believers. After almost three decades of pastoring New Life Fellowship Church in the bustle of New York City, Peter Scazzero discovered that most people are not being changed in our churches, and, as a result, are not changing the world.

Scazzero found two truths to be true: you can't be spiritually mature while remaining emotionally immature, and unless you slow and quiet your life down for a first-hand relationship with Jesus Christ, little change is possible. The integration of these two truths unleashed a spiritual revolution in Scazzero, in his church, and now in thousands of other churches.

In this revised bestselling book, Scazzero outlines his journey and offers a roadmap for discipleship with Jesus that is powerfully transformative. Topics include how to identify emotionally unhealthy spirituality, how to grow your soul through grief and loss, and how to develop into an emotionally mature adult.


Title: Grace for the Afflicted

Author: Matthew S. Stanford

Description: Why has the church struggled in ministering to those with mental illnesses? Each day men and women diagnosed with mental disorders are told they need to pray more and turn from their sin. Mental illness is equated with demonic possession, weak faith, and generational sin. As both a church leader and a professor of psychology and behavioral sciences, Michael S. Stanford has seen far too many mentally ill brothers and sisters damaged by well-meaning believers who respond to them out of fear or misinformation rather than grace. Grace for the Afflicted is written to educate Christians about mental illness from both biblical and scientific perspectives. Stanford presents insights into our physical and spiritual nature and discusses the appropriate role of psychology and psychiatry in the life of the believer. Describing common mental disorders, Stanford probes what science says and what the Bible says about each illness. Consistent with DSM-5 diagnoses, this revised and expanded edition is thoroughly updated with new material throughout, including eight new chapters that cover

·      bipolar disorders

·      trauma- and stressor-related disorders

·      dementia

·      cerebrovascular accidents (stroke)

·      traumatic brain injury

·      suicide

·      a holistic approach to recovery

·      mental health and the church


Title: Darkness Is My Only Companion

Author: Kathryn Greene McCreight

Description: Where is God in the suffering of a mentally ill person? What happens to the soul when the mind is ill? How are Christians to respond to mental illness? In this brave and compassionate book, theologian and priest Kathryn Greene-McCreight confronts these difficult questions raised by her own mental illness--bipolar disorder. With brutal honesty, she tackles often avoided topics such as suicide, mental hospitals, and electroconvulsive therapy. Greene-McCreight offers the reader everything from poignant and raw glimpses into the mind of a mentally ill person to practical and forthright advice for their friends, family, and clergy.


If God is loving, why is there suffering? What’s the difference between permitting something and ordaining it? When bad things happen, who’s behind them--God or the devil? When suffering touches our lives, questions like these suddenly demand an answer. From our perspective, suffering doesn’t make sense, especially when we believe in a loving and just God. After more than thirty years in a wheelchair, Joni Eareckson Tada’s intimate experience with suffering gives her a special understanding of God’s intentions for us in our pain. In When God Weeps, she and lifelong friend Steven Estes probe beyond glib answers that fail us in our time of deepest need. Instead, with firmness and compassion, they reveal a God big enough to understand our suffering, wise enough to allow it—and powerful enough to use it for a greater good than we can ever imagine


Everyone hurts. The pain runs deep, the scars never seem to fade, the memories torment us. As a result, our growth is stunted, our walk crippled, our relationships infected. Will relief never come?

Yes -- when you put yourself in the hands of Jehovah-
rapha, the God who heals! No matter what you've done or what's been done to you, He wants to be your refuge. He loves you. And He offers healing for your deepest wounds. 

Discover how God can turn your sorrow into joy in Lord, Heal My Hurts. Let Kay Arthur guide you through the Scriptures so you can be set free from past hurts by the power of God. This powerful, insightful study will minister to you in deeply restorative ways. And these are truths you will want to share with others.


Every family writes its own unique story. In this transparent and moving account, you’ll be inspired as Mike and Debbie McCrum tell the story of their family’s challenging journey of faith, from tragedy to triumph…and purpose.

Finding Joy in the Midst of Sorrow is written to help families:

Discover the purposeful role God has planned for their lives.

Learn how to navigate life’s unexpected circumstances.

Witness a family bravely persevering when every instinct screams QUIT!

Pass on to future generations a legacy of God’s hope and faithfulness.

Find the courage to face their fears and embrace the possibilities that were created just for them…as they live in the joy of trusting God!

“People today yearn for an example of how to navigate through life’s tragedies. Mike and Debbie’s powerful story will grip your heart and inspire you to valiantly trust God no matter what challenges you face. This book transcends time and will be a valued treasure for generations to come.”


By following the dramatic story of John Newton, the Amazing Grace hymn writer, and the apostle Paul's own encounter with the God of grace, pastor and teacher Dr. David Jeremiah helps readers understand the freeing power of permanent forgiveness and mercy.

Dramatic stories and biblical insights highlight the very personal effects of grace and how grace:

  • wondrously spans all our differences

  • rescues us from our lostness

  • helps us overcome our weaknesses, 

  • takes us from victims to victors


What is loneliness but the echo of an unanswered cry for love? What is the wounded soul but one aching for hope? Although most people have not received a minute’s training in medicine, everyone can offer anyone the greatest power of healing available: that of encouragement. In this readable, practical, and enjoyable book, popular pastor, author, and radio minister Dr. David Jeremiah examines the heart of encouragement—self-giving, genuine love—and shows how we can eagerly, easily lift up those around us. An encouragement itself, The Joy of Encouragement is scriptural and uplifting, enabling you to bask in God’s love while simultaneously giving it away. The world is about to be radically reshaped…one word at a time. 



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After more than two decades as the essential guide to Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), this new edition now reflects the most up- to-date research that has opened doors to the neurobiological, genetic, and developmental roots of the disorder as well as connections between BPD and substance abuse, sexual abuse, Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome, ADHD, and eating disorders. 

Both pharmacological and psychotherapeutic advancements point to real hope for success in the treatment and understanding of BPD. 


Written by a leading expert in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and a classic in its field, this fully revised edition offers powerful, step-by-step treatment strategies for panic disorders, agoraphobia, generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), worry, and fear. You will also find updated information compatible with the DSM-V, as well as current information on medications and treatment, nutrition, mindfulness training, exposure therapy, and the latest research in neurobiology.

Whether you suffer from anxiety and phobias yourself, or are a professional working with this population, this book will provide the latest treatment solutions for overcoming the fears that stand in the way of living a full, happy life. This workbook can be used on its own or as a supplement to therapy.