J. rare! He has that intangible quality that is hard to describe, but when you've been around J. - or heard him speak - you know that you've encountered something special. Something special that points to a higher purpose and a deeper story, one that inspires us all to live more fully. J. is very authentic, inspiring and lives with a sense of humor - so whether its a one-on-one conversation or whether he's speaking to hundreds, you still walk away feeling a connection emotionally, relationally, and spiritually. He's the real deal and one of my favorite speakers!


Frances Forgione

LCSW, LAC, Denver Counseling & Executive Life Coaching and Associate Pastor, The Sanctuary, Denver, CO


"J. Ware is a great communicator that inspires all that listen to him." 

- Tunch Ilkin - Former NFL Pittsburgh Steeler & Pastor of Mens Ministry the Bible Chapel



Hurt to Hope:

From mega churches to slums to psych wards

After over a decade of speaking to teens, directing youth ministries in some of the largest, fastest-growing churches in America; After working in some of the most notorious slums around the world and now directing a ministry to those struggling with mental illness, J. Ware has seen ministry and life manifest its self in many ways and feels a passion to reach people with his story of struggle ultimately, going from hurt to hope.



"The power and encouragement from an individual to empower another to create the healthy lifestyle they desire for themselves and to be the person they need to be for those around them."


Where do you need help?
- Overcoming the weight of mental Illness 
- Decision making
- Lifestyle change
- Accountability
- Boundaries
- Relationships
- Goals

- Spiritual connection & guidance


- A good fighter has a good person in his/her corner. The true champion is giving all they can in the ring while the corner person encourages and pushes the fighter to press on. 

Our first package is "The Rocky." Yes, as in Rocky Balboa. Rocky was a hit because all Rocky needed was a chance. Rocky had the motivation to get to the next level. However, Rocky needed people around him. 

This package offers unlimited email access to J. and his coaching expertise, a 30min intake call & 6-8 coaching texts a week

This package is ideal for those men and women that have the desire for more. The willingness to move. The passion to take the next step but don't know how or where to start. 

Maybe its a career change, a recent spiritual conviction, bettering the relationships around them, how to have a hard conversation. This is for the those hungry to make new and better decisions and need someone in their corner. This is for those that have the "eye of the tiger." 

You're a fighter!



- Have you been on top of it all and lost everything? Maybe this is a result of someone else or maybe you missed some opportunities or made some decisions you regret.

Mike Tyson had it all being the heavy weight champ at a young age. He was unstoppable. However, his life soon became a train wreck. Thankfully Tyson has literally fought his way back and seems healthy but this package is for those that have hit rockbottom.

This package offers unlimited email access to J. and his coaching, a 30min intake call, 6-8 text check-ins a week and 5, 40min. sessions over 5 months.

This package is ideal for those men and women that find themselves at rock bottom. This is when you need a coach, not just inside the ring but outside too. This is when you are in the 12th round and have given it all and are behind in points. 

Have your decisions ruined relationships? Are you far from God? Are you confused? Are you lost? Hurting? Anxious? depressed? 

Have you given it all and lost it all?

You need a person in your corner!


- There are fighters who have risen to the top and are household names. Muhammed Ali is considered to be the greatest boxer of all time. 

This package is for those that want to be the greatest. No, not necessarily the highest executive, the richest, the best looking etc. This is for those that want to tackle life, take it by the horns and become satisfied, at peace, stress free, content, have purpose, be leaders, invest into the relationships they have, be productive. 

This packages differs from The Rocky & The Tyson because this walks someone through major life choices, decision making, Spiritual awakening, investing into your future, financial peace, mental strength, a purpose filled life. 

This is for men and women. We will do life together over the course of major life decisions and a long time table. This is for the 6 month long haul and investment into your future. 

What would you give for life change? 

What you get is: 30min. intake call, 1, 40min zoom session a week for 6 months. unlimited email access to J. and his coaching. 6-8 texts a week and handouts. 




#3  "THE ALI"

As the keynote speaker for our high school outreach weekend, J was an effective communicator that held the attention of a large group of un-churched teenagers who were not accustomed to someone teaching spiritual Truth. Over 2 days and through 4 messages J articulately and powerfully explained the Gospel effectively engaging the kids with humility and his down to earth personal approach. 

Chris Thompson

Executive Director Metro Pittsburgh Youth For Christ


J. Ware is a speaker that brings engagement, passion and truth to every message he gives. He presents the gospel in a bold and exciting manner that will leave all of your attendees with a better knowledge of what the Bible says. I highly recommend him for your next event!

Anni Keffer

Author Leadership Starts With WHY, Speaker, Coach


"As a former student in J's senior high youth group, I have heard J speak many times. J has the ability to speak in a way that is real and authentic and yet brings out Biblical truth. His messages still stay with me today. I am so grateful for the times I had J as my senior high youth pastor."

Emma Adams
Former Student