1 in 5 people struggle with a mental illness. Most people start showing signs in the age range of 14-24 but only seek help after struggling with mental illness for 10 years. 

The silent struggle that those diagnosed and their families feel can be devastating.


A donation to C50 means we are able to: 

        - Continue our podcast, which builds awareness and provides effective tools for growth.

        - Connect people with much-needed resources from a Christian perspective. 

        - Support a family who is a victim of suicide.

        - Provide emergency financial support to those in need of Christian therapy in a crisis situation, and/or pay for emergency medication.

        - Provide hope-filled, God-centered mental health youth ministry in more churches. 

        - Advertise and host biblical based meet-up groups for those with mental illness.  

        - Allow us to collect information into a book and create materials for a conference in 2021


- We work with TITHE.LY, a leader in the church/nonprofit sector who handles all our donations. You won't find a better, more secure service. 

- We will give you quarterly statements and report on what your donation has accomplished. 

- All donations are tax exempt

- We accept many forms of payment. Credit/Debit Cards, Checks and giving through simply texting a gift ammount


* FROM J. - We know you work hard for your money and as you want to give and support C50, we consider you a team member. Would you consider making your 1 time donation a recurring gift? Thank you for donating. Welcome to the team!