J. Ware is the Executive Director of C50. This ministry was born out of his struggle and vision to see Christians struggling with mental illness find encouragement & education through the Christian community of those who have shared their pain with a constant focus on Jesus Christ as the redeemer of all things.
J. worked as a youth pastor for 10 years, was in missions for 2 years. 
J. Loves writing music, he loves art and considers himself an extroverted-introvert.  
J. is married to his childhood sweetheart Becca and has 5 kids. 


Becca Ware is J's wife and a part of the C50 team. She has been on a journey of recovering from codependency since 2016, uncovering more layers year after year. She has a passion for helping people grow and break free from the chains of carrying the weight of someone else's choices. Becca has a bachelors degree in social work. 
Becca enjoys adventures in new cities, being in the woods with her kids, and reading memoirs.    

Becca homeschools the 5 kids and is active in the homeschool community.


Karen Passieu is a believer, wife to Ray, mother to daughter Bella and son Caleb. Karen and Ray are owners of The Passieu Agency with Farmers Insurance. When she isn't working or with her family, Karen is a Life Group leader for ninth grade girls at The Bible Chapel. Karen is currently a co-host on the C50 Podcast alongside J, Becca and Bella.

Karen is extremely passionate about sharing her experiences as a support team member to Bella and coming alongside the family and friends of those with mental illness. 


Bella Passieu is a 17 year-old student at Chartiers-Houston High School. When she was 12 years old Bella was diagnosed with a panic disorder. This huge trial in her life helped to shape her future and Bella found her purpose. Bella wants to help anyone she can through the C50 Ministry. She is excited to work alongside her old Youth Pastor J. Ware. Bella is planning on studying psychology in college.