Stories: C50 believes everyone has a story that God is writing. This story is a powerful tool to communicate hope and show that He is involved in our lives.


Integrity: We at C50 will strive to live lives in accordance with scripture so that we may be able to carry, walk alongside and lead those struggling with all aspects of mental health. 


Grace: We don’t turn a blind eye on sin but recognize the chains that the enemy has bound some people in is not who they are or who they want to be but something they may want to end. We offer grace freely as Christ has shown us grace freely. 


Dignity: We believe in treating those struggling with mental illness, their families and support teams with value and worth.

Champion partnership: we believe the Gospel is the center of a persons need but understand the need to use crisis intervention and work with professionals. Although we will work in tandem with many professionals, we will never place C50 above professional help. 
We will always look to promote Christian services when we can. 


Innovation: We believe it is important to embrace new ideas and change in order to improve the lives of those struggling in the world of mental health. We seek dynamic and innovative ways to provide teaching/encouragement/training and support and strive to find creative solutions to inspire hope and help people obtain their goals while sharing the renewing of the mind, body and spirit found in Christ’s love.


Drive accountability: C50 believes in making changes when something isn’t working and building on the success when it is.- Leadership will come from the Executive Director and ultimately approved by a board that self-asses the ministry and its own strengths and weaknesses.